Concrete Repair

Your floors are the foundation of your business

Titanium Flooring Systems provides solutions for the damage concrete floors in your facility.  Our Concrete Repair Products are specially designed to get you back to work in a timely manner.  These products are easy enough to install yourself, or have our highly skilled, professionally trained crews install the project for you.

Damaged Concrete Floors and Joints:

  • Create tripping hazards
  • Cause physical injury to forklift drivers
  • Damage forklifts
  • Damage sensitive inventory
  • Continue to degrade over time
  • Decrease productivity and efficiency
  • Increase maintenance costs

Titanium Flooring Systems Concrete Repair Products Solve These Issues:

  • Repair cracks, spalls and holes in concrete
  • Simple – Easy to install – Do it yourself
  • Durable, permanent patching of concrete
  • Convenient, pre-measured packaging
  • Abrasion, impact and chemical resistant
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates tripping and other safety hazards
  • Return the affected area back to service in as little as 30 minutes


Click below to see our How-To brochures for the Titanium Flooring Systems concrete repair products:
Patch Kit Brochure
Joint Filler Brochure

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